Who we are and why we're here

Like many of you, we are long-time residents, friends, and neighbors that share a love for our city and a mission to keep digital billboards out of Millcreek. We want to do everything we can to ensure the fantastic views we have of the mountains and the valley are around for our kids and grandkids for years to come, and not overwhelmed by the visual blight of digital billboards and to prevent the added pedestrian, driver and cyclist hazards created by the two additional proposed Reagan Outdoor Advertising digital billboards the city is attempting to push on us.

We want to work with city staff and city leaders to ensure our city code will not allow any more digital billboards to be installed anywhere in Millcreek - now and into the future. We're here because we know that Millcreek residents care about their community too and will get involved when it matters most. The time for you to get involved is now.


Your Voice Matters.

Common Sense For Millcreek Common

"The more that commercial digital signs succeed in attracting the attention of motorists that render them a worthwhile investment for owners and advertisers, the more they represent a threat to safety along our busiest streets and highways."

-Jerry Wachtel, Traffic Safety Researcher

"Billboards by their very nature can be perceived as an aesthetic harm. Likewise, the connection between billboards and traffic safety is too obvious to require empirical proof. It does not take a double-blind empirical study, or a linear regression analysis, to know that the presence of overhead signs and banners is bound to cause some drivers to slow down in order to read the sign before passing it.”

-Chief Justice Diana Sykes, US Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals