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Do you think the one digital billboard already in Millcreek City Center on 33rd South is already more than enough? Do you support Millcreek's current ban on digital billboards and oppose changes that weaken the ban? Do you want to strengthen Millcreek's current ban on digital billboards? Are you uneasy about the rush by Millcreek's lead staff to get City Council to adopt a new city billboard/sign ordinance that greenlights two additional large digital billboards without first ensuring they are provided an impartial, accurate legal analysis addressing the potential short and long-term legal ramification of the changes? Do you want to insist that Millcreek City Council Members and Planning Commission be provided a site-specific safety assessment and impartial analysis of potential safety and legal implications of any proposed or recent changes to the billboard/sign ordinance and proposed digital billboards agreements before being asked to give their recommendations or cast their votes?

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